Building a united israel through friendships between Ultra-Orthodox and Secular jews

Bringing together the extremes of israeli society, Fostering empathy and connection

Kesher Yehudi is a social movement unifying Israeli society by creating real and lasting friendships between different types of Jews in Israel.

We bring together Jews of secular and religious backgrounds, and through intentional meetings, they build long-term friendships based on mutual respect and understanding. Kesher Yehuda is a recipient of the prestigious Jerusalem Unity Prize.

Standing in solidarity and comforting Families of the hostages

We are deeply committed to our mission of deepening unity and compassion among the Jewish people. During the current war, that has led to the establishment of a special relationship with the families of the hostages. By demand, we continue to offer these families ongoing programming based on comfort, friendship, and strengthening them as they endure an unimaginable nightmatre.

We stand in solidarity with them, offering a shoulder to lean on during these challenging times.

At their request, we have launched the Jewish Unity Project, which is expanding our chavruta (study partners) program to merit the return of the hostages.

Israel’s pre-army youth meet their religious peers

We offer tailored programming for Israeli youth participating in pre-military academies. These programs ensure that they deepen their understanding of Jewish identity and what they will be defending when they enlist in the army.

Since the start of the war, demand has grown for such offerings. We now work with 32 institutions – more than half of the 60 secular pre-army academies across the country – connecting more than 1,600 young men and women yearly to their Jewish heritage and one another.
Study Partners arranged since 2012

Building tolerance through one-on-one meetings between jewish people

Kesher Yehudi matches Israelis from secular and ultra-Orthodox backgrounds as chavrutot (study partners).

We focus on a peer-to-peer model and encourage participants to have meaningful conversations leading to lifelong friendships. Pairs get to know each other through the launchpad of traditional texts taken from our common Jewish heritage. For many, these chavrutot are the first time they ever meet someone from a different religious background, and the one-on-one discussions create opportunities for developing greater understanding and tolerance.

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Kesher Yehudi was founded to rebuild that trust and unify the Jewish world, two people at a time


For the last 10 years, Kesher Yehudi has been doing the impossible —
bringing together Israel’s secular and religious Jews with astonishing results

The Mechina Program

Kesher Yehudi is actively involved with 24 pre-induction academies (mechinot), in which 1,200 of Israel’s most idealistic secular youth and future leaders commit a year prior to their service in the IDF to deepening their Israeli and Jewish identity.

The Chavruta Program

Kesher Yehudi matches participants from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of their partner, their lives and their belief systems.

Thousands of Israelis are already deeply connected to one another because of Kesher Yehudi’s unique programs

KY’s programs are designed to achieve three important goals

To Connect

participants from diverse backgrounds through consistent one-on-one learning sessions

To Build

deep, long-term friendships founded on mutual respect and understanding

To Empower

participants to one day lead Israel with more understanding of the “other.”

Kesher Yehudi is creating connections all over Israel

Kesher Yehudi in Numbers




Mechina students


Annual events




Adopting communities




Years of groundbreaking work

“Kesher Yehudi has given us a gift — the opportunity to finally experience something that we’ve all been wanting but had no avenue to access.

And that is, a connection to and friendship with our brothers and sisters who seem so different from us.

KY restores the family bonds that have frayed.”

Esther Wein, Jewish educator

“Kesher Yehudi has discovered the formula for drawing Jews across the Israeli religious spectrum closer to one another and to their shared inheritance of Torah: the creation of deep, ongoing, one-on-one relationships to explore that which binds us all together.”

Jonathan Rosenblum, author and columnist

“This revolution is profound and stems from our very roots. It has begun a process of inner healing for our nation. It’s time, especially right now, to reach out to those who are far and create together — a kesher Yehudi, a Jewish connection.”

Mr. Moshe Leon, Mayor of Jerusalem

“To Kesher Yehudi…for creating a unique platform with an enormous potential for engendering true connections and increasing feelings of unity, identification and mutuality among the Jewish nation.”

Mr. Reuven Rivlin, then president of Israel presenting Kesher Yehudi with the 2016 Unity Prize

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