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Each year, Kesher Yehudi hosts visitors from around the world. It’s a special opportunity for us to share with others the energy and enthusiasm that permeate every one of our programs.

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See for yourself how Kesher Yehudi is positively affecting the lives of Israel’s future leaders.

“My husband and I have visited several mechinot. On each occasion, we were impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers and amazed by the focus and appreciation of the students. Every participant seemed thrilled and grateful to be present. When, at an end of year meeting, we asked one of the Mechina members whether he planned to remain in contact with his chavruta, he looked at us with puzzled eyes and replied, ‘Of course. He is one of my best friends!’

We are grateful for the zechut to be a part of this program.”

– Yossef and Aviva Hoch, Kew Garden Hills, New York

Come to visit one or more of Kesher Yehudi’s mechina programs.
You too will be amazed by the incredible energy and commitment of our students and volunteers as they learn about their Jewish heritage and connect to one another.

Read more about how Kesher Yehudi is leading a revolution to unify the different sectors of Israeli society

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