Meet Kesher Yehudi

A Movement and Revolution

Kesher Yehudi is a social movement revolutionizing Israeli society by fostering unity. We bring secular and religious Jews, and through intentional gatherings, lifelong friendships are born.

About Kesher Yehudi

Kesher Yehudi is a social movement born in response to the rift tearing apart Israeli society. With millions of enemies who wish to destroy us and our land, we simply cannot allow ourselves to be divided and weakened from within. As a beautiful, lonely nation, we share a magnificent legacy.

Kesher Yehudi envisions a unified Israeli society achieved by empowering future generations to lead with more understanding of the “other” and a greater connection to their Jewish legacy

Our mission is to build long-term friendships based on mutual respect and understanding. We connect participants from secular and religious backgrounds through ongoing one-on-one study sessions exploring our Jewish heritage, Shabbat and holiday experiences, and other special programming.

It is with the fervent belief in both these statements that we strive to connect disparate groups through their common Jewish identity.

Kesher Yehudi builds awareness among young intellectuals from various sectors in Israel – religious, non-religious, and ultra-Orthodox – prompting them to open-mindedly get to know a partner from the “other” sector.

Our Jewish legacy belongs to all of us, and thus, participants in both our Mechina and Chavruta programs meet regularly to study Torah, the link to finding common ground and building lasting relationships.

In 2016, Kesher Yehudi received the prestigious Jerusalem Unity Prize from the former president of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, “for creating a unique platform with an enormous potential for engendering true connections and increasing feelings of unity, identification, and mutuality among the Jewish nation.