What are we living for?

At some point, that question arises in every person’s mind. Why am I here? What am I living for? For the Jewish people, learning Torah is the key to understanding the world and our lives.
It also provides a window into the world of another person.

Through its Chavruta Program, Kesher Yehudi connects participants from all over the country and from diverse backgrounds, matching them merely by age, location and field of interest. With weekly learning sessions, partners gain an understanding of each other, their lives and their belief systems.

Together, they study subjects related to Jewish identity, Jewish wisdom and the Jewish holidays.
The results are astonishing. Because there’s no stronger glue than the Torah itself and no better light to ignite their souls.

They keep coming.

While many people believe that secular individuals are just not interested in learning about their heritage, Kesher Yehudi proves them wrong. Because of its unique approach, over 100 new secular Israelis of all ages are paired with a Torah study partner each month.

They want to know. They want to connect.

In fact, over 22,000 young religious and secular individuals have already enthusiastically joined the program.

With your help, we can triple this figure

“Hashem granted me a close friend and an amazing sister.”

“I do have other sisters, yet now, I’ve gotten another seventh special sister.”

-Elinor Bitton, married, Binyamina

-Pnini Bernstein, married, Beitar Illit

“I believe in the chavruta project with my whole heart. The high walls that have been built between us must disappear. The Torah doesn’t belong to a certain sector over another. We all yearn to study Torah, and there’s no reason on earth why we shouldn’t do it together.”

Itai Kraden, lawyer, Ramat Gan
with his Orthodox chavruta, Avrum Slater, lawyer, Jerusalem

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